Joanne Holstein

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Joanne Holstein
Sun, 30. December 2018, 12PM h
Mangos on Las Olas - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Live music


When Joanna was a little girl, she always sang at her home in Sweden with her musical family and friends. The house was usually crowded with people who enjoyed performing. At the age of 6 she won her first talent show! When she was 7, her teacher at school told her in a nice way to stop singing during class. She had no idea she was doing it.

Joanna soon started performing in youth choirs, churches, gave solo concerts, sang for weddings and baptisms. She also fell in love with composing her own music. She has written blues, rnb, folk music and even a children’s musical. But mostly Christian, pop, jazz and rock tunes.

In 2009, Joanna moved from Sweden to Florida. Soon she was hired to perform at churches, restaurants, hotels and at different events.

Joanna instantly felt at home in USA, and loved the musicality and the diversity of people. She is now doing solo gigs all over south Florida, is performing at weddings and is in charge of a youth choir at the Swedish church in Florida.

Joanna continues to write music and feels blessed to be able to work with the thing that give her the most joy in life – music!


Mangos on Las Olas